April 17 will bring the CEO of PCH to the PSFK 2015 Conference stage where he will share thoughts on startup culture and global competition

PSFK is excited to have Liam Casey back on our stage for our flagship conference April 17 in New York City.

Liam Casey is one of many conference presenters at our three-day PSFK 2015 conference experience: Live, Work, Play Better. April 17, 2015, NYC. Get your tickets now.

As the founder and CEO of PCH, Liam has helped launch several successful startups including LittleBits, Drop, WearHaus Headphones, Ringly, and many others. Given the tremendous success of these startups, we sat down with Liam to find out why incubating these startups is essential to pushing innovation forward in an increasingly global economy and the implications for PCH’s core business model.

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