Decorate Your Laptop with LEGOs

Decorate Your Laptop with LEGOs
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Brik Case offers mobile workers a bit of untethered play

Jason Brick
  • 3 april 2015

Brik Case, an active Kickstarter campaign designed by Jolt Team, offers a Macbook case studded for you to attach LEGO blocks so you can custom-decorate your computer to your heart’s content.

You can attach any kind of LEGO brick to the cover, though the team recommends you stick with 1X1 blocks and keep the surface level. With larger blocks or an uneven surface, the bricks tend to snag on bags and sleeves and fall off when taking the laptop out or putting it away.

Besides the decorative and customization aspect, Brik Case means that you’ll never be at work without LEGOs to play with if you need to unwind, or let your hands keep busy while you think about a problem that needs solving.

laptop with legos

The Brick Case is compatible with Macbook Pros and Macbook Airs from 2013 or later. It’s easily swapped out for more traditional covers when you need a more professional look, and works just as well with off-brand building bricks including MegaBloks, PixelBlocks and KRE-O.

Backer rewards for the Brik Case are all standard variations on pre-ordering the product at a discount compared to the projected retail price. With the lowest price points already filled, you can chose a $35 to get one Brik Case, 100 1X1 building bricks and a handy fabric bag. Higher levels of backing get sets of multiple cases and bricks, up to the $1,000 level with 20 sets.

laptop with legos

With 21 days remaining in the campaign, Brik Case has raised $48,000 of its $30,000 goal. Kiqtrack projects they will close with approximately $160,000. Assuming the massive overacheivement won’t slow their process, they predict delivery in August of this year.

Brik Case

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