Platform Aims to Become GrubHub of Marijuana

Platform Aims to Become GrubHub of Marijuana
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GreenRush connects patients directly to hundreds of local dispenseries

Kiran Umapathy
  • 29 april 2015

On-demand medicinal Cannabis platform GreenRush today announced the launch of its mobile-optimized web service with delivery and express pickup options for customers in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Unlike other providers, GreenRush is not just a delivery service. The company considers itself a dispensary-focused platform that can help businesses grow by opening up a new patient-acquisition channel and providing conveniences like patient verification or delivery and logistics tracking. Additional benefits for dispensaries include customer service, payment collection and promotion.


For patients, GreenRush looks much like GrubHub or Seamless, but for marijuana. They can search through detailed menus of medicinal Cannabis products from local dispensaries, sorting by strains, edibles, extracts and tinctures to find the preferred product.

“The Cannabis industry lacks the comprehensive comparison tools needed for patients,” says GreenRush Founder and CEO, Paul Warshaw. “We designed our platform with convenience in mind, with services that increase patient satisfaction and showcase innovative dispensaries.”


GreenRush takes care of verification through a simple, one-time secure process that’s encrypted via a HIPAA compliant database. Patients place an order and can track the delivery from the dispensary or select a pickup option. Past orders are saved to streamline the reordering process. “Today, we live in a world where everything can be delivered directly to you at a moment’s notice–medicinal Cannabis should be no different,” explains Warshaw. “GreenRush targets the needs of both patients and dispensaries by offering a platform engineered for our connected world.”


A quick browse shows that the typical order is prepared for pickup at dispensaries in as little as 15 minutes and users can search and sort by fastest delivery time. Deliveries are cash-only transactions made by employees of dispensaries. GreenRush only earns revenue when successful transactions are made.

GreenRush plans to release apps for iOS and Android in the future. It’s expected that Apple will wait until legality has spread throughout the country before approving the application.

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