Miswak Club offers natural oral hygiene alternative more effective than regular brushing

Miswak is a naturally created toothbrush plucked from the salvadora persica tree.

The miswak, also called the “chewing stick,” looks like a painter’s brush rather than a normal toothbrush. There’s no curved edge at the tip covered with bristles, but rather a thin line of bark with the bristles pointing out straight ahead. You chew the tip at either end to create the bristles, which also releases oils within the wood that naturally fight plaque and protect your teeth.

Miswak’s handle is rough, like you’d expect part of a tree to be, and requires no toothpaste to clean your teeth. You start using it by chewing on one end, breaking it into bristles while the chewing releases saliva (that also fights tooth decay), then brush with the bristles like you always have.

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