CEO of Normal and PSFK 2015 Conference speaker Nikki Kaufman shares her thoughts on the death of small, medium and large sizes

PSFK will welcome Nikki Kaufman back to our stage for PSFK 2015 April 16-18 in New York City.

Nikki Kaufman is one of many conference presenters at our three-day PSFK 2015 conference experience: Live, Work, Play Better. April 16–18, 2015, NYC. Get your tickets now.

As the founder and CEO of Normal, Nikki creates tailor-made premium 3D-printed earphones from their factory, headquarters, and retail store in Chelsea. Users can either send in a snap of their ears through the Normal app or visit the store to be fitted for their own custom pair of earphones. We caught up with Nikki to discuss the democratization of personalization and high-speed manufacturing.

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