Patagonia’s Pickup Truck Tours Country on Apparel-Mending Mission

Patagonia’s Pickup Truck Tours Country on Apparel-Mending Mission

The Worn Wear Wagon will encourage customers to think about how fashion choices relate to environmental conservation

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 8 april 2015

Patagonia has sent members from their Nevada repair facility on a cross-country road trip for 2015. The Worn Wear Mobile Tour got started on April 2 in Ventura, California with the aim to spread a message of conscious consumerism relating to fashion. The Patagonia team will travel across the U.S. making stops at retail locations, coffee shops, farmers markets and trailheads to offer free apparel mending services and seminars. And their travel vehicle of choice is a recycled Dodge pickup truck.


Created by artist/surfer Jay Nelson, The Worn Wear Wagon is a custom 1991 Dodge Cummins fueled with biodiesel. The redwood camper shell was constructed from salvaged wine barrels and gets all its power from solar panels.


The interior is outfitted with an industrial sewing machine and will provide repair services to anyone who brings a garment, whether from Patagonia or not. The repair technicians will offer advice on garment cleaning and maintenance to extend their wear life.


Patagonia’s Worn Wear program has been going since 2013 as a way to encourage people to keep their clothing in circulation longer and out of landfills. It harkens back to an old American manufacturing mantra: ‘made to last.’ Patagonia guarantees their clothing for life and operates the largest garment repair facility in North America.

The road tour hopes to make more people aware of Patagonia’s concern for the environment and their commitment to keeping the apparel they sell in use as long as possible, a sentiment Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario is passionate about.

There is nothing we can change about how we make clothing that would have more positive environmental impact than simply making less. Worn Wear is a celebration of quality products and their relationship to our lives. It’s a simple but critical message: keep your gear in action longer and take some pressure off our planet.


To see the Worn Wear Wagon in person, there’s a full schedule of stops posted here.

Photos: Erin Feinblatt

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