Priceless Pets project in Brazil lets shops lend their displays to encourage more people to adopt shelter pets

A number of pet shops in Brazil have signed up to a new project that encourages more people to adopt animals from shelters. The concept behind Priceless Pets is ‘better than buying a life is saving one.'

According to the World Health Organization, there are an estimated thirty million abandoned dogs and cats in Brazil. As a result, the thousands of animal shelters in the country are full of animals all waiting to be adopted and a large number of them are overcrowded.

However, most people still prefer to pay for an expensive purebred animal than adopt one for free. To try to deal with this problem, the Priceless Pets project was created, with the aim of showing people that animals from shelters make just as good pets as those from shops. Those behind the project believe that there's no difference between purebred animals and shelter animals.

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