PIVOTtheWorld makes time travel pocket-sized

Simply, PIVOTtheWorld makes time travel pocket-sized, and is building up a vital archive of the look of the past for the sake of future (and current) generations.

With its mapping function and collection of historical city-scapes (organized by PIVOT Points for giving users a tour), the smoothly interactive app lets users to explore the histories of their own neighborhoods and those far away, and thereby appreciate and recognize the dazzling changes that surround us.

Via email, PIVOT COO Sami Jitan explained that the idea for the project came from his co-founder Asma Jaber (to whom Sami is engaged) after the passing of her father, whose exodus as part of Palestine's Nakba generation brought him to Greenville, SC before his death. “Asma wanted a way to preserve her father's story and the story of her homeland,” he said, so the two submitted their idea for a historical preservation app to the Harvard iLab Dean's Cultural Entrepreneurship Challenge and took home the grand prize.

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