Brazilian company Clever Pack designs reusable tops for water bottles that double as building bricks

Consider the lowly water bottle cap. Every year people untwist and discard billions of these plastic tops, generating enormous amounts of waste to be dumped, recycled, or left littering the ground. Every year money and energy are spent collecting, transporting, processing and remanufacturing the recycled caps alone. But Brazilian company Clever Pack has developed an innovative new twist on the plastic bottle cap: Clever Caps.

Clever Caps, the brainchild of Henry Suzuki and Claudio Patrick Vollers, are designed to interlock with each other and with commercially available toy building bricks such as LEGO. Consumers can use the caps to create toys, artworks or even furniture. Imagine desk accessories, lamps, storage bins, tables—anything you can dream up—made in a variety of colors.

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