A dynamic experience in democracy: Edward M. Kennedy immersive museum powers civic education through multimedia and gaming

What will $78.4 million get you in Massachusetts? A 68,000 square-foot building designed to excite the general public about the mission, work and history of the U.S. Senate. The Edward M. Kennedy Institute is a homage to Ted Kennedy, who spent nearly 50 years in the Senate, brought to life by a mixed team of leaders in education, design, gaming and media.

The interactive cultural institute, which opened in March, is the only full-scale replica of the U.S. Senate. Inside, the centerpiece is a full-scale replica of the Senate itself: a detail-oriented clone of the chambers from the 19th-century mahogany desks to the spangled blue carpet. As a world-first, the museum offers a unique array of immersive and digitally-driven activities for museum visitors and students.

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