By scanning the wine you drink, users of Delectable can keep track of their favorites and discover world's best varieties

It takes a lot of time, and plenty of tastings to figure out if you’re into reds or whites, or prefer your wine bitter or sweet. Delectable is an app that streamlines the process, giving you instant access to the info and ratings of each wine you try and snap a picture of.

The app has just announced a new update to make you even more of a connoisseur, Taste Insights, which lets you organize and categorize wines you drink to help you figure out what types you like best.

In the past, you could use the app to identify a wine, rate it, share your drinking experiences with fellow wine-o’s, and have the bottle shipped to your doorstep. The new update now lets users “shazam” a wine and add it to your history under the titles: Top Styles, Regions, Top Rated Wines, and Drinks With.

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