PSFK sits down with the angel investor behind Uber and Facebook to learn how technology helps shape the Build-A-Business initiative

Over the past decade, PSFK has reported on best-in-class innovators whose ideas and creative ventures inspire us to live, work and play better. These are the researchers, developers and leading minds who curate the products and trends that we seek out in our every day. We tap these tastemakers to better understand the ever-changing building blocks of creative businesses.

In 2008, we developed the Purple List as a way to call upon the best minds in our network, and have since developed a deeper understanding of the power of influence. In 2015 — in the wake of an Internet-connected world, social currency and  the sharing economy—influencers are no longer defined by status or a sole pursuit. Rather, we see impact extend itself across industries and variables: athletes founding education charities, musicians building sustainable tech products, and chefs calling for global revolutions in health.

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