The online streaming site’s list is soporific enough, but what if too much of certain artists just makes you angry instead?

Spotify has compiled a list of the tracks most likely to appear in playlists designed to help people get to sleep. The result – The Top 20 Most-Streamed Songs For Sleep, Globally – may constitute history’s most powerful sedative.

Or maybe not. This isn’t a carefully curated journey to unconsciousness. It’s just a bunch of very popular, slightly mellow songs that keep cropping up on sleep playlists: seven of the 20 are by Ed Sheeran; four are by Sam Smith. And what on earth is the point of a 20-song sleep list? If you’re still awake after song 4, then it isn’t working. And if it does work, the last dozen tracks could be anything, apart from a recording of a smoke alarm going off.

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