Japanese actor will wait while ramen cooks and chat through its consumption in Mitsumete Light+ campaign

Eating instant ramen at your desk need no longer be a lonely experience thanks to Mitsumete Light+, a campaign from Nissin Foods (the makers of infamous Cup Noodles products) that gives diners a virtual date to accompany their meals.

To kick off the date, a visitor simply needs an unwrapped noodle cup, some boiling water, and to get comfortable at a computer.

The site’s video stars Japanese heartthrob Takumi Saito, who waits patiently and charmingly in a leafy, well-lit field during the product’s three-minute noodle brewing window, smiling at his virtual date. Once the noodles are ready, he continues staring doe-eyed into the camera and chats about the Cup Noodle Light product that his date’s enjoying (but that he himself, sadly, cannot).

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