Tech-Free Oasis in Paris Gives You Room to Explore Yourself

Tech-Free Oasis in Paris Gives You Room to Explore Yourself
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Seymour+ encourages guests to disconnect from technology in order to reconnect and refuel themselves

Charlie Stephens
  • 24 april 2015

Seymour+ is a space in Paris that encourages self-exploration and creative development without the use of phones, computers, books and magazines. By engaging with a series of interactive installations and using a pen and paper to record ideas, visitors are given a framework to uncover their creative potential and rethink the role that technology plays in their lives.

Upon entering the two-story flat, guests are instructed to strip away all technology and first timers are advised to explore the space in a particular order. Five different rooms are configured to encourage different experiences and emotions, and guests refrain from communicating with others in order to better reconnect with themselves.



Seymour+ is not meant to be a digital detox—it’s more like a guidebook for realizing our place in modern society. The space is an area where visitors take a break from the outside world and focus on themselves, away from the distractions of work, friends, family, and the hustle and bustle of the city. Melissa Unger, founder of Seymour Projects, stresses that it’s not about self-absorption, but about self-reflection. She tells PSFK:

Seymour is not about tech-free or silence per se, but about a removal of distractions that asks you to notice your thoughts with the intent of harnessing them and eventually mastering them in order to access your intuition. We already know the answers deep down, and we already know what to do and what’s right for us—it’s society and other external influences that keep us from trusting our instincts and intuition.


Technology and the Internet are integral parts of our lives, but our minds are easily overwhelmed by it all. Unger believes in the importance of finding a balance in one’s life, one that leverages technology for the betterment of society, but remains grounded by subconscious processes. Seymour+ gives people the means to tap into their “creative reservoirs” and do what they deem fit with them.

Throughout history, the most exceptional and inventive minds have explored their subconscious and opened themselves to alternative thinking, relying in part on dreams, imagination and productive play to solve problems and to create.

In doing so, they produced pioneering work in both the arts and sciences, advancing human consciousness and paving the way for further innovation and discovery. Seymour Projects exists to ensure that we do not loose sight of this already tenuous connection to our subconscious.

By stepping into the Seymour+, one can take a new type of cognitive journey and unlock their long-hidden forms of organic, authentic, and innovative self-expression.

Seymour Projects

Images: Camille Malissen

+Melissa Unger

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