The Vane recommends the perfect packing checklist for day-to-day travel

If you’re traveling from New York City to San Francisco next week, a new app ensures you never have to worry about what to pack again. The Vane — a travel-packing list and personal stylist — recommends weather-based looks to help users prepare their entire outfits by day.

Users select their current location and type of occasion (office, brunch, relaxing, date) and The Vane will serve up recommendations for clothing and accessories, from umbrellas down to shoes.

When I try out the app, a detailed weather description lets me know that it’s 60 degrees in New York—“brisk-chilly, but nice” with inspiration for multiple occasions. By checking the weather on The Vane versus the weather app, you can be sure to never leave the house on a potentially rainy day without a stylish umbrella, or a pair of sunglasses for a sunny afternoon.

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