VR Goggles with Highest FOV at Just $49

VR Goggles with Highest FOV at Just $49

A wider field-of-view than an IMAX screen makes Wearality Sky a VR treat

Leo Lutero
  • 15 april 2015

Wearality Sky, another head-mounted VR goggle, doesn’t look like the Google Cardboard or the Samsung Gear VR. Although they all use smartphone screens as their main display, Wearality Sky features a single thick lens in eyeglass frames.

With the radical redesign, the output is an unprecedented field of view of 150 degrees. In contrast, an iMAX screen averages at just about 110 degrees.

To explain, higher field-of-view numbers means more width is in sight without having to move the eyes. Under normal conditions humans have almost 180 degrees of vision. We have that to thank for our driving skills and quick response to approaching danger. Due to the lens sizes in the device, Sky makes good use of our peripheral vision for a more immersive experience.

We took a different approach—the lenses and the optics are the key to unlocking the ability to really experience what immersive 3D worlds are meant to be. Wearality wants to provide the tools to unleash this revolution of creative talent and ability—to launch a new medium.

The product developers also say the field of view and open design are expected to reduce severity of motion sickness. Equipped with curved Fresnel lenses, the Wearality Sky is lightweight, portable and ready to use from the very start.

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Because of the large lenses, it will fit anyone without the need for adjustments. The state-of-the-art lenses also promise all-around clarity and minimal color distortion throughout the experience, further minimizing any eye strain VR often causes.

Creators of the device guarantee a retail price of less than $100 making it accessible to all. Compatibility wouldn’t be a problem since the device can be used with existing platforms such as Cardboard, Unity and Unreal. It will also work with any phone between 5 to 6 inches.

The team behind the Wearality has been working on the product for five years at Lockheed Martin, a highly regarded defense, security and aerospace company. Using their own patent-protected technology, the team wants to break boundaries for the field of VR and Augmented Reality(AR).

The first 250 backers on Kickstarter can own a complete Wearality Sky kit for $49. After that, backers can buy the kit for $69 sans shipping fees from the crowdfunding.

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