Finger Pulse Monitor Illuminates Sanctuary Based on Your Stress Levels

Finger Pulse Monitor Illuminates Sanctuary Based on Your Stress Levels
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Dynamic Sanctuary, based on the 2016 Ford Edge interior, creates a deeper connection between humans and architecture

Dave Pinter, PSFK
  • 29 may 2015

Ford partnered with Brooklyn-based design studio The Principals for an installation at Sight Unseen OFFSITE that explored the idea of escapism. An inspiration source for the project was the 2016 Ford Edge and in particular the vehicle’s interior which was designed with a sanctuary feeling in mind.

The Principals translated that idea into the design of a temporary space called ‘Dynamic Sanctuary.’ Much as the Ford Edge interior aims to provide place detached from traffic noise and driving stress, the Dynamic Sanctuary installation served as a place to escape the hectic pace of NYCxDesign.

The exterior of the installation was constructed from corrugated plastic cut and formed into panels with gentle curves. The interior was a surprise, heightened by each visitor being asked to wear protective coverings over their shoes.

The interior consisted of a rectangular space with mirrored panels on the ceiling and floor creating the illusion of a weightless environment.


Visitors were encouraged to wear a finger pulse monitor which animated the interior lighting in sync to their heartbeat. Having the interior respond to an input we normally don’t see at that scale was a dramatic way to see levels of stress or relaxation.

The Principals are made up of founders with backgrounds in architecture, industrial design and master fabrication. They frequently incorporate technology elements into their work. For Dynamic Sanctuary, they researched ways to hack medical monitoring equipment.








Ford | The Principals

Photos: The Principals, Dave Pinter

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