We got to try Binauric's latest product, OpenEars, a pair of 3D audio Bluetooth earphones that can record and play back sound exactly as your ears do

Last week we were treated to a hands-on demo of OpenEars, a new product by our friends at Binauric, who regular readers of ours might remember from our piece on their Boom Boom speakers. This clever team of people are on the cutting-edge of consumer-friendly 3D audio recording and playback devices, and OpenEars is their next logical step.

What OpenEars does is faithfully record audio, as other binaural devices do, in the same ways as our ears. By making use of two positioned microphones, one on each bud, OpenEars are able to capture sound extremely precisely, reproducing the same nuances and effects human ears process as sound reaches them in a 3D field across time. This is perfect for anyone who likes to record and share their video experiences, since it finally provides them with audio quality that does them justice.

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