Dutch startup Refil is recycling car parts for more sustainable 3D printing

Refil is a company that will sell recycled plastic in filament form for existing 3D printers. This means that when you use their filament, everything you print is automatically a recycled product.

While 3D printing opens up a world of opportunity, the most commonly used material is still plastic. This means that as more people print their wobbly heads or prototypes at home, more non-biodegradable plastic is being put on Planet Earth.

But Refil’s refilaments begs to differ.

“Using our refilament, instead of ordinary filament, you instantly make everything you print recycled. From vases, toys and jewelry to architectural models, prosthetics and other products… They all become recycled products when you print them with refilament,” explains Casper van der Meer, co-founder of Refil.

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