Disney Residences Pop Up on Airbnb

Disney Residences Pop Up on Airbnb
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Disney-inspired Airbnb listings use iconic architecture from movies to instill a sense of childhood nostalgia

Christina Mauro
  • 26 may 2015

Disney fanfic has become the go-to subject matter for Internet click bait over the past few years. Leveraging the familiar figures of childhood entertainment, expert and amateur artists alike use the iconic animations to generate viral content, demonstrate their artistic capabilities and more often than not address culturally relevant issues like sexism. So it’s only appropriate that listings that feature some of the Disney’s most extravagant architectural feats have surfaced on online lodging platform Airbnb.

The posts detail “lofts” and “tower rooms” straight from Disney classics such as The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Robin Hood and aim to inspire a sense of nostalgia for those that grew up with the animated films.



The Airbnb postings were posted by creative duo Mayra Nunez and Hanna Kregling. Though they were promptly removed from the site, the listings remind us of the awe-inspired worlds of the past that are often overshadowed by popular heroes and heroins (or modern controversies).




“We decided to take the ‘if’ and ‘imagining’ out of the equation and make real postings and accounts for people to view,” Kregling stated.

Despite Airbnb’s reaction to the posts, one can wish upon a star that Disney will take note as they continue to expand their empire.



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