There’s an Airbnb for Kinksters

There’s an Airbnb for Kinksters
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KinkBNB connects sex-positive and kink-friendly travelers and hosts around the world

Janet Burns
  • 11 may 2015

If you like the Airbnb format for finding getaway digs but have found that too many hosts have closed minds (and doors) with regard to kinky sex, KinkKNB will help get you off at the right destination.

Founded in 2015, it’s an Airbnb-style marketplace for finding and booking “fun locations and [shared] accommodations” around the globe, and that are hosted by accepting, sex-positive persons.

Like Airbnb, the site lets kinky users search for spare rooms and in-home accommodations from like-minded individuals (who can indicate by checking a box whether or not they are “orgy friendly”), but also connects them to some of the most well-equipped and glamorous dungeons-for-rent around the world.

airbnb for kinky sex

KinkBNB co-founder Ryan Galiotto explained to PSFK that, while adults who like to toe the line of sexual convention might face push-back in various areas of their lives, they should be able to play safely and comfortably while on vacation, and in spaces provided by similarly open-minded folk, a dynamic that, unfortunately, Airbnb and other mainstream sites haven’t always offered:

I have been working in and for the sex positive community for many years [in San Francisco, and the idea for the site] started with a friend having her guest room dropped from a popular accommodation share site for being too provocative. That’s when the niche was discovered.

airbnb for kinky sex

At present, KinkBNB has around 20 listings for kink-positive accommodations worldwide, and the new site is looking to grow. Galiotto noted that, while he loves “the shiny sexy dungeon spaces” that account for most of the site’s current offerings, the team hopes to “appeal to any sex-positive person with a guest room” and foster connections within the community. He added,

It is difficult to travel with one’s kink. And we hope to ease those difficulties as well as [increase] the reach of the sex positive community.


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