In the Connected Life, data streams link to the cloud so we may connect to our social circles’ needs and wants, no matter the distance

We’re nearing a connected world where every product has the ability to beam data to the cloud, and provide insight from an expansive collection of behavioral information. By 2020, it is predicted that more than 5 billion people and 50 billion devices will be connected to the Internet, according the World Economic Forum.

There are increasingly more products that keep us in-the-know and up-to-date, from watches that alert us of unread emails to NFC-enabled sneakers that remind us when it’s time to buy a new pair. And it’s not just our own goings-on that we’re concerned with—we’re equally concerned about the ever-changing needs of our loved ones. Parents want to know that their kids have arrived safely at school and a spouse wants to know when their partner other is on their way home for dinner.

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