LENA is a closet that allows patrons to borrow fashions of their choice in order to create more sustainable fashion practices

Clothing can be expensive and difficult to access, not to mention costly to the environment. If people could borrow clothing like they borrow books, than the trend of fast fashion, that has caused some many of the issues that plague the fashion industry, would be halted. LENA is a library exclusively created for women's clothing, ranging from tops, skirts, dresses, shorts, purses, and more.

Patrons sign up for a specific subscription, starting at €19.95 a month to get 100 points for the month, ranging all the way up to €49.95 subscription of 300 points a month, with an additional 500 points for €24.95. Each item in the collection is associated with a specific amount of points which people can then use to rent them. With a subscription, patrons can keep the clothing for an unlimited amount of time and they get a free bag from the library to transport their newly acquired vestments.

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