Antivirus software developer Bitdefender presents its all-in-one hardware solution for home networks

This is one of those products you never knew you needed, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that you will. As digital threats to our increasingly digital items become more prominent, so evolve our security needs. From antivirus stalwart Bitdefender comes the BOX, an all-in-one solution to protect users’ Internet of Things—the latest holy grail of consumer goods that promises to electronically optimize every aspect of our lives.

The Bitdefender BOX is essentially an antivirus for your entire home network. With all Internet traffic running through it, the BOX is able to protect and neutralize threats to all of your Internet-connected devices, from smartphones and computers to consoles and thermostats. It works as a stand-alone router, but best as an augmenter for your existing one, integrating itself seamlessly into the network.

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