Brazilian Students Learn English By Fielding Pizza Orders

Brazilian Students Learn English By Fielding Pizza Orders
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Hello Pizza gave customers the option to order their meal through CNA Language School attendees with discounts and cross-cultural interaction as their prizes

Lara Piras
  • 29 may 2015

Engaging young people with languages at times can be hard, especially as the general criteria tends to be limited to conversations that focus on unrealistic situations. Ad agency FCB Brazil has teamed up with Bella Vista Pizzeria in Culver City, California to overcome this problem and re-engage students at the CNA Language School with an innovative campaign named Hello Pizza.

The initiative takes a forward-thinking approach to teaching people the basics of a new language by incorporating pizza ordering into the mix, bringing otherwise disengaging sessions into real-life territories.

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The way it works is via a technology that intercepts calls from customers in the U.S. asking them to spend a few minutes speaking to the Brazilian students in English in exchange for a discount on their pizza. The calls are transferred to the Brazilian students via a specially designed app and the longer they stay on the phone, the bigger the discount on the person’s order in California.



Some have even chatted so long, the pizza has been completely free of charge. They talk about what they’re studying, where they work and even discuss their differences in culture, bringing them closer to understanding one another on a deeper level.

Joanna Monteiro, VP and Creative Director told PSFK,

We always think about how we can help students improve their English by talking with native English speakers. With “Hello Pizza” we pushed this idea even further. In this new experience student can have a real abroad experience without leaving the classroom.

Take a look at the campaign video below:

With 605 language centers in Brazil, the campaign has connected a huge amount of Brazilian students with native English speakers to enable them to gain real-world speaking experience that’s so essential when trying to learn a new language. Taking pizza orders is something that these people can relate to and the conversation is also at a level that the students can manage. By thinking outside the (pizza) box, Ad agency FCB Brasil has thought of an innovative way to engage young people in Brazil to learn a language that’s used all over the world.


Max Geraldo, VP and Creative Director concludes:

CNA strongly believes that the best quality in the learning process occurs when students are having fun while learning. For this reason, we not only create campaigns but also we develop products that makes the lessons even more interesting. That’s how “Hello Pizza” idea came up, putting the students into a real life English language situation as well as funny and new way to all of them.​

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