Business Cards Made from Melted Crayons

Business Cards Made from Melted Crayons
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Artist and designer Dorota Pankowska's usable Crayon Business Cards leave their mark as intended

Leah Gonzalez
  • 18 may 2015

Designers and creatives have been been using the business card as a canvas for showing their work and design aesthetic and as a way to create a good first impression to potential clients. That’s what photographer, artist and designer Dorota Pankowska had in mind when she created her Crayon Business Cards.

Pankowska’s Crayon Business Cards are exactly what they sound like: business cards that are made entirely out of crayon. The designer wrote on her website that her Crayon Business Cards are for when “she really wants to make an impression.”

She added, “I think these ones are my favorite—they really capture my passion to be creative in professional ways.”

Business Cards Made from Crayons

According to her project page, Pankowska created the cards by first getting the exact shape. She wanted the cards laser cut from acrylic and she then created a rubber silicone mould from it. It takes four to five crayons to make each business card. And, of course, since the business cards are made of crayon, they are perfectly fine for drawing and coloring.

According to the designer she has been working on these business cards for over a month. The idea for the cards came to her after a few brainstorming sessions she had this year. Then, a couple of months ago, she came across the LEGO minifigure crayons and she wanted to challenge herself to think of something that she could make out of crayons as well. After a few more brainstorming sessions with different friends, Pankowska finally came up with the Crayon Business Cards project.

Business Cards Made from Crayons

Pankowska is currently working on different projects but prefers to keep them a secret for now. Some of her past projects that were featured on PSFK include the LEGO Brick Nail Art and Pro Bono Promo. More about her body of work can be found on her portfolio page.

Dorota Pankowska

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