psfkUNFILTERED: PFSK Writer and New Yorker Adriana Krasniansky gets her mattress delivered in a 4-feet-x-2-feet box, and she's partially better off for it

To paraphrase the entire series of Friends, there are many things to love about New York. Moving is not one of them. As I scheduled my move to Brooklyn last week, I prepared for the worst: 5th floor walk-ups, shoddy renovations, fire escape raccoons. Mattress delivery, however, was something I thought I could outsmart.

Earlier that month, I read a subway ad for Casper, a sleep startup promising to provide “the perfect mattress, for everyone.” The advertisement’s illustrations are what really hooked me (am I so easily swayed?)—their friendly creatures, all huddled atop a minimalist pad, signaled to me a Warby Parker-esque disruption of an outdated industry. Plus, the ad promised a hassle-free installation and even a free bedtime story.

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