Choicee Qee Robot is a multi-functional speaker system that delivers tunes as it delivers grooves

Have you ever wished that you could replace your home sound system with a robot bear that sings and dances? Seeing Choicee Qee in action might convince you that you have, in fact, always wished for such a thing.

An eyeless cross between Winnie the Pooh and iRobot, Choicee Qee has one ear larger than the other but ranks high on adorability. You can connect it to your music library either via integrated Bluetooth connection, or using the 8GB flash drive hidden beneath the bear's head.

Choicee Qee is already a popular icon across Asia, with the image turning up in art, on the backs of phone covers, on key rings and as a plush toy. As with many character fads, the makers of Choicee Qee Robot believe their invention is a natural fit.

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