PSFK and Watson clear up questions from The Good Data Contest participants

IBM Watson and PSFK are collaborating on the Good Data Contest, a creative competition to explore the future of cognitive computing and inspire conversation around how Watson can help improve the lives of people, around the world. To clear up any lingering questions from contestants, we spoke with William Sennett at IBM Watson.

PSFK: Hello William, can you tell us what Watson is finding to be especially exciting about this competition? What are you hoping to inspire?

William Sennett: This contest aims to invite new perspectives on cognitive computing, and provoke new thought around the ways technology and data can be combined with scale expertise to radically transform the human experience. Opening up the floor to entrepreneurs, developers, researchers and designers alike could allow for crowdsourced ideas that the world has never really seen before to gain ground and be implemented. We are hoping to inspire in new audiences the same optimism and spirit of exploration that Watson inspires in us.

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