Sara Schiller, co-founder of MEET, spoke at PSFK about the inception of her company and how to foster creativity among the corporate mindset

Meetings don’t have to be the soporific affairs most currently are— sterile, hierarchical, static, inspiration-less. Forget the boardroom, wouldn’t you rather interact in an environment conducive to creativity and dialogue, one with character and comfort, the living room of a loft for instance? Well that’s exactly the thought process one of our PSFK 2015 speakers and co-founder of MEET, Sara Schiller, went through at her old position at Starwood Hotels.

Instead of meeting in one of the 10 Starwood boardrooms around New York City, she and her coworkers rented out and repurposed a Chelsea apartment to suit their needs. There’s something wrong with your meeting space if you choose not to use it yourself.

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