Drunk Shopping text service knows its target market, presents you with quirky things to purchase during Saturdays at 2am

Drunk Shopping is a free text service that serves you entertainment on Saturday nights when you’ve been partaking  in a bit of drinking.

By texting “heyyyyyyy” to the number 551-333-7865, you’ll have signed up for a texting service that will only text you on Saturday night at 2am in your area. These text messages will be sent to you and show you odd things to buy, like a knife throwing set or a piano rug. It should be noted that you are not required to buy any of these products.

The website is as straightforward as you’d imagine someone would be if they had had a few drinks themselves. The designer who interacts with you is informal in all of his texts and how he presents himself. The service that you get with each text message is free of charge, other than the standard messaging fees from your service. You check out the messages that are sent to you and interact with the messages that follow.

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