An on-going photography project takes portraits of strangers and matches their skin tone to a unique Pantone color

Brazilian artist Angélica Dass’ ambitious, on-going Humanae project seeks to capture a portrait of every human skin tone on earth, matched to a Pantone shade.

The Humanae Tumblr shows a collection of portraits taken against the background of a Pantone color that matches each subject's skin tone. It’s a beautiful display of diversity, and an opportunity to see the nuances that live beyond our limited perception of race and ethnicity.

In Dass’s project, there are no shades of black, white or yellow, but burnt sienna, bold salmon, dusty pink, deep plum. The portraits merge seamlessly into the background—and some of the matching tones are surprising. Her subjects are not preselected or prescreened: they’re of any age, any gender, any class, any religion, and any ethnicity. Some are toddlers, and some are wrinkled in old age.

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