Nick Hugh Schmidt explored the the roots of digital agency and identity by auctioning a major facet of his digital life

Social media has given us endless enjoyment—but social media also has become a billion-dollar business by selling our personal information to advertisers and spying on our online activity. But one freelance art director-turned-conceptual-artist, Nick Hugh Schmidt, has turned the concept on its head by trying to auction his Facebook password on eBay. And the authorities on the site weren't happy.

After the account raised $200 from 34 bidders, eBay shut down the auction, saying it violated their terms of use. So Schmidt took to the streets, holding an IRL auction at the pop-up space Shwick in Brooklyn's Bushwick. Despite coming complete with a starting bid reset to 99 cents, a keg of beer and a certified auctioneer, the event somehow rendered the merchandise a little more abstract, coming up a little short compared to its Internet counterpart at $140.

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