Fashion Label Fights Mental Health Stigma

Fashion Label Fights Mental Health Stigma
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Startup Wear Your Label makes clothing that breaks the silence on mental illness suffrage

Leo Lutero
  • 21 may 2015

A duo is creating clothes that talks about one of society’s still awkward secrets: mental health. With prints that touch on the subject, Wear Your Label aims to start a discussion to bring an end to a damaging stigma.

1 in 5 people struggle with a mental illness…yet no one is talking about it. Inspired by our personal experiences with mental illness, and frustrated with stigma, we founded Wear Your Label in hopes to change that. Our clothing is designed to create conversations about mental health, give back to mental health initiatives, and ultimately end the stigma (in style) – Wear Your Label

The fact that many inflicted with mental illness keep it a secret is due to fear of judgement or mistreatment. According to a CDC study in 2007, only 25 percent of people affected with mental illness believe that people like them are treated with care and sympathy by others. Common mental illnesses predispose people to low self-esteem and antisocial behavior. The added burden of prejudice and false assumptions create a dangerous cycle for the sufferers who are often members of the youth.

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The products of Wear Your Label include tees with prints such as “SELF-CARE ISN’T SELFISH” and “SAD BUT RAD.” An interesting item are leggings with “your story isn’t over” printed across the thigh, a common target area for people to hurt themselves.

Tanks start at $30, tees at $35 and the sweaters at $69.60. Ten percent of their profits go to relevant initiatives. Color-coded bracelets are also on sale. Each color is meant to symbolize a mental illness. Designs come from individuals with mental illness.

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Also, their online shop doesn’t categorize between men’s and womenswear; the aim is to deflect gender norms which can potentially be limiting to other people.

Talking about mental illness helps sufferers and the founders of Wear Your Label is a great example. Meeting back in 2013, Kyle MacNevin and Kayley Reed shared about each other’s mental health journeys before working on the label and tackling a problem that still plagues society. Kyle and Kayley are also members of the national Youth Advisory Council for ACCESS Canada.

Browse their collection here.

Wear Your Label

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