Flavorpill’s Sascha Lewis: The ROI of Finding Presence in Our Lives [PSFK 2015]

Flavorpill’s Sascha Lewis: The ROI of Finding Presence in Our Lives [PSFK 2015]
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In the chaos of an over-saturated world, the founder of a major media company helps us find and maintain mindful practices

  • 27 may 2015

Sascha Lewis, founder of Flavorpill, captivates the audience at PSFK 2015 with a talk about the power of presence in an overstimulated world. Lewis illustrates why and how we can bring mindful practices into our everyday routine for a healthier live-work-play balance.

The majority of modern professionals are highly addicted to being busy; we can’t sit still without thinking about emails, next week’s assignments, and plans to be made. Within this incredibly fast-paced ecosystem, society as a whole is undergoing a cultural shift in which we yearn for deeper human connection.

Lewis goes on to explain that finding presence has scientific returns on our overall well-being and happiness, from stronger immune systems to better social relationships to reduced levels of stress.

In his talk, Lewis asks the audience to think about what being more present looks like in their every day, whether that outlet be meditation, yoga, running or spin class. Whatever it looks like, we need to make the conscious decision to step away from the screen and slow down. As the founder of a major media company, Lewis encourages his employees to exercise these habits with daily digital detoxes.

At Flavorpill, teams participate in group meditations or exercise mid-afternoon: “We basically get out of our heads and away from our screens—and get into our bodies. We’re immediately struck by how much energy we have, or how calmed or focused we are following that.”

Mindful business practices stem beyond the media industry, as seen in the instance of sports teams, hollywood celebrities and global CEOs who meditate. Lewis highlights the uptake of tech-related meditation apps and mindful gatherings that demonstrate people “seeking out experiences where mindfulness and presence are at the core.”

Do you want to slow down and find presence in your daily life? Find practices where mindfulness and presence are at the core that fit your lifestyle and inspire you through a modality of exciting experiences.

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