In a Connected World, Amateurs are the New Professionals

In a Connected World, Amateurs are the New Professionals

The Future of Connected Life inspires average citizens to pursue their passions and make a living doing it

  • 29 may 2015

In our connected world, drawing clear lines between work, play, and life is becoming increasingly difficult. By allowing flexible work schedules, there is more time to spend on hobbies and extra curricular activities. To cater to this up-and-coming citizen workforce, there has been an upswing of services that create the opportunity for people to explore and profit from their hobbies and resources.

Need a drone? Rent one from another maker. Love to cook? Get paid to cook for strangers. The wave of niche social platforms transforms passions, skills, and resources into additional income. They also inspire mutually beneficial relationships between consumers and providers as they explore new ideas, find new audiences, and possibly future collaborators.

Storyhunter Rachel Anderson documenting the Libyian Revolution

StoryHunter is one such platform that connects citizen journalists with media outlets looking for the inside scoop. In doing so, they provide a way for publishers to easily oversee available talent, create assignments, and receive original content. Freelancers can browse commissions, take ownership, and deliver writing and/or video stories according to the brief.

StoryHunter enables journalists and filmmakers to work on a project-by-project basis for varying clients by offering infrastructure that supports the mutually beneficial partnerships between creators and publishers. In providing unique content for publishers, StoryHunter is also able to empower passionate storytellers to practice their craft and pursue their dreams wherever they are.

SpareChair is another platform that connects people with resources to those seeking them.  With 34 percent of the American workforce now working as freelancers,  that means an estimated 53 million people doing work outside of the traditional office setting.

Sparechair supports freelancers by connecting those conducive environments with those seeking to find a quiet workspace. Apartment owners can rent out any spare desk space to willing freelancers to create a unique coworking environment. This provides the opportunity for people that work from home to profit from any extra room as well as network with their freelancing peers.

While SpareChair helps increase productivity, our last example is for nights out.

Zoolafix is an online service that pairs tourists with knowledgeable locals that can show them a good time in exchange for a nightly fee. The ‘fixer’ is in charge of curating the dinners, events, bars, and clubs for the whole group hopefully showing them the less touristy parts of town. Zoolafix opens up for local bar-hoppers to profit from their intimate knowledge of their city and give tourists a unique experience on a road less traveled.

With today’s increased connectivity, people are better able to find outlets through which to not only share their skills and resources, but also to profit from them. By feeding into the micro-moonlighting economy, people are empowered to follow their passions and make a living doing it.

Future of Connected Life

PSFK Labs is proud to release The Future of Connected Life: Live, Work, Play Better. Download the full report here, view our trend summary on Slideshare and be sure to check back daily for new articles about the latest trends affecting individuals as they strive to live, work, and play better in their connected lives. 

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