6 Brands Creating the Connected Life

6 Brands Creating the Connected Life
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How Apple, Jawbone, Microsoft and more are defining conventions for the connected life

  • 28 may 2015

Over the past few weeks, PSFK has published a number of pieces recapping the trends from our latest Future of Connected Life Report. We have not only painted a picture of the novel stressors afflicting modern consumers, but have also outlined the trends emerging in reaction to these changes. As we researched how brands and individuals are adapting in the connected age, a few companies kept appearing on our radar.

Below, we highlight six of the brands redefining conventions and expectations for the future of productivity, wellness, and growth.

1) Apple
This leading computer company recently launched an innovative ecosystem of products and services that improve people’s’ productivity and overall health and fitness. Products like the Apple Watch, Apple Pay, and Health Kit, focus on creating a more personal user experience through instant store checkouts, improved tools for tracking health and well-being, and new ways to communicate with loved ones. 


2) Amazon
As the leader in e-commerce, Amazon has always focused on finding the fastest and most convenient ways to deliver goods and services. Through Amazon Prime, their patent on one-click ordering, and most recently Amazon Dash Button, groceries, household supplies, impromptu retail purchases, and streaming music and videos can be delivered to people quickly and seamlessly.

3) Google
Google has always been the go-to destination to search for relevant information, but with their new service, Google Now, they will proactively send information to users who need assistance during the day. Through a series of well organized ‘digital display cards’ sent to devices, Google will provide updates on the weather, commute times, and sports scores to help people live more organized lives.


4) Jawbone
Through their innovative fitness tracking software and stylish wearables, Jawbone has created a platform for wellness information and support. Their SmartCoach service pairs data from their wearables with the features of many third party apps to generate concise information that people need to make incremental improvements to their health and overall well being.


5) Microsoft
The software giant Microsoft is drawing on its experience from creating great productivity software like Windows to develop personalized assistance focused programs for mobile. Through initiatives like Cortana, Microsoft helps users manage their lives by setting their alarms, scheduling events, and finding places for them to eat through their mobile devices. Users can input their interests and preferences in Cortana’s private notebook to receive a more tailored stream of reminders and information.

With a more personalized approach Microsoft will provide greater assistance to people on a daily basis.


6) MIT Media Lab
Though not a brand, the MIT Media lab is responsible for incubating talent and projects that push people to rethink conventions surrounding both products and relationships. Its multidisciplinary setup helps make connections between diverse industries and has spawned numerous projects experimenting with new materials, technologies, and social conventions. The Media Lab has inspired projects like NailO, Cord UIs, Manufacture NY, and more.

MIT Media Lab

While these six brands leverage multiple trends we’re seeing,  we also wanted to highlight a few brands that are defining specific trends within their fields.

1) Digital Detox
Escape Silicon Valley by retreating into a technology-free zone for a weekend or longer.
Expertise: In-Focus Experiences

2) Airbnb
Generate revenue by renting out unused properties while providing travelers an authentic, local travel experience.
Expertise: Micro-Moonlighting

3) Etsy
Provide local artisans an online platform to sell their handcrafted goods.
Expertise: Micro-Moonlighting

4) Khan Academy
Continue learning through advanced educational classes and online learning tools.
Expertise: Hyper-Targeted Learning

As the world becomes more and more connected, we’ll be on the lookout for what these brands do next.

Future of Connected Life

PSFK Labs is proud to release The Future of Connected Life: Live, Work, Play Better. Download the full report here, view our trend summary on Slideshare and be sure to check back daily for new articles about the latest trends affecting individuals as they strive to live, work, and play better in their connected lives. 

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