Brick Street View is a Google Map hack that layers the world's favorite play thing onto your destination

Designer/artist Einer Oberg has created Brick Street View, a take on the Google Map interface that uses LEGO bricks to depict the terrain and structure of the area.

The view immediately shows New York with trees and bushes immediately recognizable by any LEGO fan. From there, users can browse the database and find any location available on Google Maps, though the details are thinner and the project doesn't have as many buildings as the real-life area has.

Oberg's design keeps in line with the standard Google version. The upper right of the screen offers a Brick Street view where you can lower yourself down to tiny brick form. Technical information is offered for techies who understand what’s going on in the back doors of websites. You can enter a location and you’ll zip to another district of the world in brick form.

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