Inspired by the igloo, the Ice bed occupies the full extent of a room, serving as all-functional furniture

Forget wood slats or heavy inner springs. The bed of the future is made out of plastic and it integrates into the room in space-age style. Designed by the Austrian team of WHO CARES?!, Ice Bed, inspired by an igloo, was a custom job for a client and features the advanced composite material DuPont Corian.

The bed, despite sitting in the middle of the room, is attached to the wall, creating a sense of security from an unconventional source—most people would rather have their headboard against a wall instead. A built-in LED light allows the client to modulate the lighting conditions in the room, from a cool white reading light to a sultry red. The structure that connects the bed to the wall also includes two types of storage areas, one for exhibition and one for hidden storage.

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