Does Silverpeak Apothecary point to how high-quality marijuana will be sold as it's legalized across the U.S. of A.?

Colorado’s legalization of marijuana at the end of 2013 has set an entire category of legal, regulated commerce into motion that didn’t previously exist. For Coloradans, what was previously the province of phone calls and street corners is now able to be fully and properly presented. Now ‘good weed’ can actually be marketed in an upscale environment. What might such an environment look like? The answer could come from Silverpeak Apothecary.

Though the prices at this dispensary are fairly ordinary, it provides a sumptuous experience for all customers while still conforming to state regulations. The dispensary was originally founded for medical marijuana in 2009, when Lewis, a doctor of veterinary medicine, was studying pharmacology and frustrated that he couldn’t get marijuana for his father’s cancer treatment. In 2014, it was converted to—according to the Denver Post, a rare occurrence.

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