The TOTO brand brings the gallery to the lavatory

One of the draws of Japan that continues to both surprise and impress American tourists is…its toilets. The company TOTO, in particular, pioneered the Japanese treatment of the bathroom as a site of continual innovation, instead of a taboo place to be forgotten about. A piece of cultural ambassadorship on this subject called GALLERY TOTO has now opened in Tokyo's Narita airport, offering unique bathroom experiences to newcomers and travelers.

GALLERY TOTO uses modern design to make the toilet tasteful, even desirable. In these bathroom stalls, you can, according to TOTO, “experience elements of Japanese culture that are difficult to explain in words.” One of the unique aspects of their toilets is that they clean with a spray of water (anti-bacterial, they assure you), and this feature is integrated into the several different designs they have on display.

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