With Storied Myth, young readers can help solve mysteries and learn strong values while getting real stimulation from a tablet

If you're worried that the kids in your life are whiling away their most inventive developmental years with apps and games, then Kabir Seth and Rubina Singh are on the same page—and they've put together a solution. Storied Myth is a multifaceted, tablet-based storytelling platform available as a subscription service, and which invites kids to explore the goings on in the mythical world of Pangea via mailed puzzles and clues, written chapters, and digital activities.

Co-founder Rubina Singh explained to PSFK that “parents today are conflicted” about the convenience of “guiltily [using] tablets as babysitters” and letting the amount of ‘screen time' kids gobble up grow ever larger (even when it manages to have some learning value):

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