Transparency and ethics are the new paradigms, with PCH's full-spectrum approach leading the way to a modern renaissance

A real treat that helped kick-start our Friday session at PSFK 2015 was the interview PSFK’s own Piers Fawkes conducted with Liam Casey, founder of PCH International. PCH is a remarkable custom design manufacturing company that helps a wide array of organizations—from startups to Fortune 500 companies—bring their products to market, involving itself as minimally or maximally as necessary along the supply chain.

The company operates according to a set of laudable principles that allow it to foster amongst its clients a passion for design, brand, and the consumer experience, from the inception of a piece to beyond its delivery. This means maintaining a standard of transparency that is practically unheard of in the manufacturing world, one that refuses to accept the paradigm of nameless factory workers and unethical practices. When asked about why and how this manifests itself among the factories they work with, his response was inspiring:

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