The Monaco 2050 is an opulent concept yacht that hints at a coming bridge between water and air

Yachts are reserved for the rich and of course, no expense is spared. Vasily Klyukin’s series of megayacht concepts offer an exciting view of the future yacht and a number of them are ready to conquer both air and sky.

Named after a tiny country popular among the yacht-owning and heavily monied, Monaco 2050 is as flashy as it is ambitious. In a black, white and red theme, it will definitely steal glances when out at sea. Streamlined and sporty, it packs an even greater feature for the skies.

 The roof of the ship’s top deck isn’t actually a roof—it’s a jet plane. Just in case the speed of the mega yacht isn’t enough to get you to Tokyo in time, hop on the plane and take off from your own private boat/airport.

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