Watch an acrobat tumble through your living room with the HoloLens

Microsoft’s HoloLens wants to bring 3D people into your living room.

HoloLens marks a new phase for both entertainment and communication, connecting both fields with the possibilities of augmented reality. This technology could allow you, for example, to see an acrobat tumble through your living room or look a telecommuting colleague in the eye. You’d be able to move around them, the only thing missing being touch.

The HoloLens themselves will be a pair of large goggles not dissimilar to existing VR rigs like the Oculus Rift. The lens will fire off in front of you, wrapping around real-world devices or objects that you can then interact with. Let's say you’re working on an art piece and wish to have it scaled down for 3D printing. You can grab the template and place it in its desired location to get an idea of how large to make the final version.

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