12 trends tell the story of how we can navigate our increasingly complex relationships with our devices and the ever-connected lives they give us

Modern life is a study in extremes. The rapid rise of technology and its successive integration into nearly every facet of our lives has left many of us figuring out how to adapt to its omnipresence rather than the other way around. At the same time, these very same devices offer the promise of making us more productive, expanding our social circles, and achieving our personal goals.

This coevolution has quickened the pace of daily existence, while shrinking our world, and connecting us with anyone or anything from anywhere at anytime. And while reading that sentence may itself feel exhausting, it fits well with our current experience and hints at a shift in our collective expectations—always on, forever accessible, and on-demand. This means that the same requirements we place on everyone and everything else are now reflected back on us.

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