Leanflix is a filtering tool for the binge-watching generation to ensure people get the most out of online viewing

With the amount of choice out there within the streaming sphere, keen binge watchers can find it overwhelming when trying to figure out what series or film to watch next. Leanflix aims to combat this by helping consumers manage their viewing options via several streaming platforms including big players Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and HBO.

Leanflix, currently in beta, is an online tool founded by four young entrepreneurs who could relate to the indecisiveness that comes with so having so many TV options these days. It cuts out all the noise, meaning users can find the best fit in terms of series or movies for their mood and the platforms available. It works via a filtering system where users are able to search by different genre types, Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB ratings, release years, MPAA ratings, and other metrics to ensure they find something that tickles their fancy. Finally, Leanflix sifts through the likes of Amazon, iTunes, HBO Go and Netflix and delivers a variety of choices that can be streamed, rented or bought.

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