Kokoon designs headphones with clinical levels of rest insights and ambient intelligence

A team of entrepreneurs at startup Kokoon has created wireless headphones designed to help people collect a better night's sleep. What makes Kokoon’s headphones ‘smart’ is they come embedded with electroencephalogram (EEG) sensors that monitor where the user is in their sleep cycle to optimize the ambiance and facilitate sleep.

The wearer can listen to their own relaxing music or choose from the Kokoon library of sleep techniques developed by sleep scientists in the U.K. As the sensors notice the wearer is falling asleep, they adjust the audio volume and remove frequencies that are likely to awaken the listener. When the listener is fully asleep, Kokoon seals the wearer in a sound sleep with the help of white noise. As alarm time approaches, the headphones look at the sleep cycle as to wake the wearer at a time when they are unlikely to feel groggy.

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