Japanese Ice Cream Starts with a Smile and Ends with a Scream

Japanese Ice Cream Starts with a Smile and Ends with a Scream
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I scream, you scream, we all scream for Panapp ice cream that melts to reveal horrifying faces

Laura Yan
  • 12 may 2015

Panapp is a popular, affordable ice cream treat made by Glico in Japan. And at first glance, it seems innocuous. It’s vanilla ice cream that comes in a cup, and you can pick from a selection of flavors, from fruits to chocolates. The flavors are injected into the ice cream in four different spots, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, you’ll get a cup with sauce injected in the shape of a cheerful smiley face. It’s adorable! It’s adorable, at least, until you realize that the smiling face is ripe with potential: the potential to turn into something far worse.

panapp scary faces

Japanese Twitter user @38BEEM seized that potential and sculpted his happy face ice cream into an intricate skull-clown, complete with deep red eyes and a terrifying grin.

panapp scary faces

It doesn’t end there. As the ice cream starts to melt, so does the frightening ice cream sculpture. In fact, its expressions might become more and more grotesque. It loses the details of creation and shifts into uncanny masks, until it shrivels to a barely there face with bleeding eyes and a gaping mouth.

panapp scary faces

Clever ice cream sculptors manipulated this and created some truly unsettling, screaming faces, transforming a delicious summer treat into something nightmare worthy. Even completely innocent ice cream eaters might find a grimacing face staring up at them from the bottom of their cup, bearing the last remaining traces of a scream.

This might not work as well for your regular quarter-pint of Häagen-Daz, but ambitious artists can take inspiration and start sculpting with a wooden ice cream spoon. Squeeze in a few injections of chocolate or raspberry sauce, cap it and return it to the freezer to terrify your roommates. Or, of course, you could turn it into something a little less sinister. Perhaps it’s just Panapp’s innocence face that makes it so easy to disfigure.

Panapp’s scary faces


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